We’re all going on a Summer holiday … see you on facebook

We’re all going on a Summer holiday … see you on facebook

They have gone off on holiday, you are seeing the facebook and Instagram pictures and smiling silently to yourself, delighted they are all having a great time. Then, horror of horrors, you see them up to something that is either a feat of humankind or jail-able or worse …

We all heard about that girl in Magaluf last year!

Then even worse, you realise that your organisation or workplace is mentioned in their profile. All of a sudden you are now associated with it.

Damage limitation with a social media policy

Well like everything it does depend on what is happening, what the incident is, the type of company you are and the role they do. However, having a robust social media policy and a clear code of conduct that everyone knows about should help. Whatever you include in your social media policy, make sure these 3 bases are covered:

  1. Personal profiles on facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc should not detail where an employee works and what they do
  2. Staff should be asked to use the highest privacy settings possible on their profiles
  3. Covering your back for when they’re on holiday’s fine, but make sure you put a limit on social media used at work too – it can waste precious time while you’re paying the bill

Notwithstanding number 2, as everyone knows nothing is private any more, so not posting anything is probably the best policy but hey … so get in touch if you need help to draft your social media policy.