Did you know that Fit Notes are to become a think of the past very soon (August 15 in London)? They are to be replaced by the latest clear sky thinking, the Fit Plan. You might well be wondering as I did when I first heard of it at an excellent sickness seminar run by Gordon Dadds.

How will the Fit Plan work?

Ok, the Fit Plan works like this. After the 7 day continuous sickness, the employee goes off to the GP to get what would have been their Fit Note. Instead the GP assesses whether or not they need to be referred to the Government’s own Occupational Health advisers, and devise a Fit Plan. This is then taken off to their employers who will decide whether or not to take the advice offered on the Fit Plan.

A Fit Plan does not replace your own Occupational Health referral process, rather it runs alongside it. My advice is to continue holding your Return to Work interviews, adhering to your sickness absence policy, referring to Occupational Health where necessary and treat the Fit Plan in much the same way as you would a Fit Note.

Any questions or issues you might have in managing sickness absence in the workplace with or without a Fit Note or Fit Plan, then contact us here at CrosseHR and we will be happy to help. Its another case of wait and see I believe. Until you actually see it work in practice, and have a few test cases at Tribunal, its hard to see how it will work in practice. More of this later …